The #BringChromeHome Project

As many of you know, I have been running this site for a while now and nothing has really been well done or published correctly and everything seems to be missing loads of information. So let me just correct that!

The entire thing done on this site is called the #BringChromeHome Project. The project is basically a way too ambitious project of showing how Chrome OS is a great platform to use in both large enterprise environments and smaller ones like your home.

The project doesn't just focus on Chrome OS but also Chromium OS on which Chrome OS is built from. Chrome OS is essentially identical to Chromium OS but with a few licensed things here and there and a little bit of a user interface change that is purely design and function remains identical.

The #BringChromeHome Project focuses mainly on bringing Chrome OS to desktop and laptops however it also focuses on mobile devices. There hasn't been much news relating to Chrome OS on mobile devices however there is some good news coming very soon.

After being in touch with someone who wished to know more of my work involved in this I'm going to give you some background information on the project and be more transparent with whats currently under development and how far along they are!!

The project was started in February 2013 based off a script I had written for person to use about 6 months before hand. Since then, the script has been through many changes to accommodate for changes in Chromium OS and Chrome OS and also to tidy things up and make things run much faster.

The team currently, as has only ever consisted of myself with brief help from one external person. This means I currently, manage the script, modify, test and deploy anything to do with the project.

The current script is a modified script of the original that is still available as a secondary use script if the first should fail as their updates methods vary slightly. The current script was modified by Rowen Allen who has been linked several times throughout the site. He initially added an auto build detect to the script for use when updating and also made the script slightly shorter and run faster. 

Although Rowen was never part of the project team he certainly improved the script beyond what I could and this has been a major help to the project.

Nothing much has really changed since the script was edited other than testing on other devices along side this.

Current devices being tested with Chromium OS and Chrome OS:

  • Nexus 4 - Chrome OS working image with missing device components
  • Nexus 5 - Chrome OS half working image with many missing components
  • Nexus 7 2012 - Fully working Chromium OS with bugs and glitches
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 - Chromium OS working with many missing components
  • iPhone 4- Chromium OS boots but nothing currently works
  • iPhone 5 - Chromium OS has unstable boot and nothing currently works
  • Xperia Z - Chromium OS Boots, missing many components / Chrome OS boots but nothing works.
  • Xperia Z Tablet - Chromium OS Boots, missing many components / Chrome OS boots but nothing works.
  • Hp Slate 7 - Chromium OS boots, everything appears to work. 
The above listed devices outline the current project in terms of bringing Chromium/ Chrome OS to mobile devices.

Many of the devices have some degree of functionality but have issues regarding battery life and many things appear to not work such as Bluetooth or WIFI for example.

This device breakdown is from my last note take of what was working on the 28/9/2014. Many things have changed since then so be aware things have improved and there is VERY good news on the way in regards to some of these devices which should hopefully be announced during my time in London around December the 12th.

Hopefully this has given you a bit more of an insight into the #BringChromeHome project and how things are progressing. If you have any questions, queries or recommendations, then please, do get in touch at

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