All updates to Chromium OS and upgrading to Chrome OS will now be posted here.

UPDATE: 15/06/2017

Once again sorry for the heavily delayed updates. Chrome OS currently has 135 devices available. Unable to change order displayed as the conf file MUST match the verified order by Google.
Note: Device 79 is listed as N/A. This is an unknown model built by Quanta. Laptop is all that I can confirm. (test at own risk). Project Mercury update:
Project Mercury will have its own updates post on here and be similar to the #BringChromeHome project. Chrome OS is currently fully working on Sony Tablet Z (1-4) and Nexus 10. Partially working on Samsung S6 and S7 with current work on S8 beginning shortly. Will begin testing on Google Pixel shortly.

More updates to come within the next 2 days! Confirmed! maybe!

UPDATE: 13/12/2016
Sorry for the 10 months of nothing however this has become very very tedious to maintain along with the other projects involved such as Chrome OS on android etc...

MAJOR UPDATE! The build numbers NO LONGER correlate to what they did previously. This will be corrected within the next couple of days.
The previous list of numbers will be on the build numbers page underneath the new/temp numbers so you can find out what your new number will be.

Chrome on Android is now Project Mercury. Fully working on Tablet z and Nexus 10. More details shortly.

Update: 22/02/2016
Big news! I have started a new project as part of the #BringChromeHome project. I'm currently building a custom Chrome OS with built in updater and all the small things Chromium OS is missing. Not much news yet but I would like some alpha testers very soon!!

Update: 18/02/2016

79 builds are now available, this includes the Chrome OS builds that are for OnHub routers. I highly advise not using these as I have zero idea what they are like as they have never been tested outside their initial hardware. I may remove these.

Update 20 04/11/2015

Change in Script to cycle through long list of builds available. Stops the list being too long to fit on the screen. Fix Provided by Rowan Allen (https://plus.google.com/+RowanAllen)

Link to the script should never change as all changes are made in a file referenced in the upgrade script.

Total Number of builds currently stands at 75.

Update 19 01/10/2015

Due to the number of builds, the top of the script will get cut off when selecting your build. This page contains a list and their relating number.

New look.

UPDATE 18 21/09/2015
Major update!

Due to being a complete idiot, I accidentally deleted the post! I have recreated it however all the comments are missing so if you need help just ask me :) SORRY!

Changes have been made to the script which has fixed the issue with the new config file layout. All 62 current images are now available.

The build list will be updates weekly on Saturdays at 9PM GMT to reflect if any new builds available

Exactly 18,259 lines of code have been removed as unneeded within the config file.

Currently 61 builds are available.

Update 17 16/09/2015


MAJOR ISSUES WITH SCRIPT! Due to Google making changes to their config file, the current script does not work. I have modified the script as a temp fix. You will only have access to builds available on the 10 Jun 2015 and nothing newer. I will hopefully have a fix in place for this soon.

Update 16 15/09/2014

Made changes to the disclaimer and where it can be found. It can be found here.

Making minor changes to the upgrade script, new script should be posted within the next couple of days.

Working on porting Chromium OS to Sony Xperia Z tablet.

Functioning Chromium OS on Nexus 5. NFC is also working with limited application. Bluetooth does NOT work and neither does front camera.

More news and possible image coming soon.

Update 15 03/09/2014

Decided to have a new design for the site. Hopefully this gives a much cleaner look although the content is pretty much the same.

Moved a few details from the main tutorial page to the instructions page and references added.

Update 14 31/08/2014

Script hosting has been changed and so the URL has changed. The new script can be found @http://goo.gl/8v1ZkV

There appears to be no issues with this as of now. This will work exactly the same as the previously correctly hosted script.

Update 13 13/08/2014

Script hosting has been changed and so the URL has changed. The new script can be found @http://goo.gl/8v1ZkV

There may be issues with this new hosting so please be patient and let me know if there are any issues.

Update 12 12/08/2014 critical!

Change to script hosting.

Due to Rowan's change of circumstance, he will not longer be hosting the script and as such I will move to hosting the script either myself or through a third party provider. Please be aware, that until the script has been hosted elsewhere, the script will NOT work.

Expected to resume by 18:00 GMT today.

I would like to thank Rowan for his major contribution to this project and all the time he has spent on this.


Update 11 05/08/2014

Page giving info on how to upgrade to Chrome OS on your USB drive without having to install it to your HDD/SSD.

Please be aware it will not always work and is experimental.

This can be found under the instructions tab or here!

Page on how to dual boot using two drives as well as one has also been posted. This can be found under the instructions tab or here!

Update 10 05/08/2014
Copyright notice!!

Please note that although this tutorial is intended to help everyone, some people have been claiming this work as their own and distributing the script to make money from YouTube monetisation and blog posts etc. Please be aware that although I encourage you to spread the word on this, the scripts used are protected by copyright and as such, copyright claims have been made to remove such material from the internet.

By all means, tell people about it, in fact please do, tweet it, blog it, G+ it just do not make money from that specific page.

Update 10.2:
Started work on Chrome OS on the Xperia Z tablet. Not much info to give at the moment but more news will follow shortly, this is the because of the slow progress on the Nexus Chrome OS. MORE NEWS SOON!

Thank you for your time and support with this project.


UPDATE 9 26/05/2014


Major script update: - Script has been updated to run faster and also allow for easier updating.

The script link has been changed!

New update method. The new script performs a build check and will automatically install the newer build number that matches your original build choice. Simply run the script used to originally install Chrome OS. BE AWARE THE ADDRESS USED HAS CHANGED SO MAKE SURE YOU USE THE NEW ONE! THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED ON THE MAIN PAGE AND ALSO THE UPDATING CHROME OS PAGE!!

UPDATE 8 7/03/2014

  • There is now a method to bypass the malformed hardware ID error message upon boot.
  1. Go to settings
  2. Under the 'users' heading, select 'manage other users'
  3. Untick 'show usernames and photos on the sign-in screen'
This may require 2 step verification users to enter a new code every time during logging on however this may not be required as the device should remain linked to your Google security configuration.

  • Chrome numbers. Please be aware that if you are installing Chrome OS onto a Chromebook or Chromebox due to any reason, you will still receive the malformed hardware ID message. I will not give instructions to add a Chrome number even if you already have a Chrome OS device as the message will still show due the supplied Chrome number not matching the actual Chrome number of your device.

UPDATE 7 5/03/2014

  • Finding errors with the script. Corrections soon to be made
  • Solution: Use the update to Chrome OS section and use that method.
  • Minor changes to be made to script.

UPDATE 6 13/01/2014
  • Added a forum to the blog, contains compatible hardware. Needs building up so please contribute with your hardware.

UPDATE 5 11/01/2014
  • Currently working on methods to upgrade Chromium OS to Chrome OS on a USB memory stick without having to install it to a HDD. Several plausible methods, including use of GRUB by myself & +Keith Valdez.
  • Managed to upgrade Chromium OS on a Nexus 4 to Chrome OS. Major bugs include; no touch, no connectivity other than micro usb which keyboard and mouse DO work. Nothing functions as should.

UPDATE 4 7/01/2014
  • I am currently working on the issue of not being able to upgrade Chromium OS to Chrome OS while on a USB memory stick due to the partition table type.
  • Managed to install a bootable Chromium OS on a nexus 4 phone, touch was not working and neither was sound or WiFi. Keyboard and mouse worked using a micro USB adapter. Major work in progress.
  • New-ish website design, same as old design but different colour scheme and also corrected the Java script issue of not being able to reply.

  • I am making changes to the script used for the upgrade process so you may encounter errors with odd returns such as 'I can't do that so I will now die' please be patient while I make these changes and this will hopefully be completed by Saturday 4th Jan 14. Thanks 

  • There is now a way to upgrade Chrome OS without having to start from a fresh install of Chromium OS. To find out how, check the instructions tab at the top of the page

  • When upgrading to Chrome OS you will now be presented with a malformed hardware ID error message. This message is simply a hardware health check that has been implemented into the Chrome OS code, this does not mean there is anything wrong with your computer or anything else. There is nothing that I can do to remove this. It is perfectly fine to carry on using Chrome OS.

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  1. i was able to upgrade to chrome os on my usb drive. took some work though. first step was extending the state partition(i think dev/sd*4) on my usb drive. did this with gparted using linux. this was the easy part. the next problem i had was the upgrade process would fail because the usb drive is not recognized as dev/sda . i accomplished this by removing my hdd, and making sure my laptop boot mode was set to uefi mode in my bios. have a hp probook 4530s- and used the google pixel image.

    1. Could you give me the exact instructions of how you upgraded to chrome os on your usb drive?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i can't copy wifi drivers to /lib/firmware, it says read only even after remove_rootfs_verification

  4. Hi Taron,

    I posted a reply earlier about swapping out my old HDD and installing Chrome OS on my Dell laptop. I just installed Chromium but when trying to upgrade to Chrome OS through wget http://goo.gl/4suhf; sudo bash 4suhf it keeps asking for a password. Is that supposed to happen? Could it be that Google added a password to the link?

    I'm sorry about the late reply. My old HDD died and I just got the new SSD I ordered.

    Thanks a bunch!


  5. My PC is stuck on RootFS start: 286720 RootFS Size: 2539520
    How do I fix this?

    1. I've been stuck on the same thing, try a discontinued image? Maybe use gparted to resize rootFS (A, I think) here: http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/chromiumos-design-docs/disk-format . that has the layout of the partitions, try to take some away from the stateful partition and give it to rootFS (A). Not sure if this helps but it is what I've been playing around with. Here is another thread with some helpful stuff too, especially if you're trying it with a virtual machine: http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2012/10/how-to-run-chrome-os-not-chromium-os-on.html

  6. I get this message after the file unzips (mount: /dev/sda12 is not a block device) is it frozen do i need to reboot .Please tell me soon

  7. i am also trying to update to chrome os frome chromium os on a usb stick

  8. The latest upgrade of Pixel gives a kernel panic,
    I was lucky I kept a clone image of the previous one which was version 35, but lost version 36.
    I guess the upgrade must have been version 37.
    They might have made it incompatible on Laptops on purpose.
    The version I lost was: chromeos_5841.98.0_link_recovery_stable-channel_mp-v4.bin
    The version giving kernel panic after install is:
    so don't try and upgrade to this version, or you lose the previous one.
    On Acer Iconia Tab w700 i3.

  9. I fixed it by doing it manually from the downloaded image extracted, I wonder what happened with the script.

  10. Someone get me the hwid for an Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532)

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