Chrome OS USB!

Many of you have been asking if it is possible to upgrade to Chrome OS on a USB drive without having to install it to a HDD/SSD in your computer.

The method described, although very common for certain Linux users is experimental and will NOT always work.

You will need:

1: A USB drive with your chosen Chromium OS install on it.

  • For this I HIGHLY recommend an 8GB or higher USB drive just to be on the safe side.
2: A live GRUB CD.
  • Any partition manager that supports STATE partitions should work.

Step 1:

Boot from your chosen Live CD partition manager.

Step 2:

Expand the STATE partition following the method of your chosen partition manager.

Step 3:

Boot your Chromium OS USB drive.

Step 4:

Follow the upgrade steps of running the script. 


Step 5:

Reboot once done and hope for the best!


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    1. As far as I know, there aren't any windows programs able to do this. You need a Linux based OS like Ubuntu but would be easier to use grub

    2. Thanks for the reply. I have managed to do it using a virtual box Ubuntu. Unfortunately the process of update failed, as nothing has changed after reboot.

  2. Hey, can you give more instructions? I have a linux VM but dont know how to expand the STATE partition.

    1. I used Ubuntu VM. Open Gparted, and expand the STATE partition (only one on the USB device). Make sure to connect the USB device to your VM.


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