Dual Booting Chrome OS

There are two methods to dual boot Chrome OS. The first allows you to install Chrome OS without touching any previous OS you may use but requires two HDDs/SSDs.

The second method allows you to install Chrome OS and another OS on the same HDD/SSD but will require you to format that drive losing any current OS you have.

Method 2 is experimental and not guaranteed to work.

Method 1:

  1. Remove all HDDs/SSDs apart from the one you wish to install Chrome OS on.
  2. Install Chrome OS following the usual instructions.
  3. Once done, reconnect your other drives and use the boot menu to change your boot preference.
  4. If you wish to be given a boot option on every boot you will need to use a boot manager for this, if not simply use your Motherboard boot options to select which to boot on boot.

Method 2:

  1. Install Chrome OS on the HDD/SSD you want to have multiple OSs on. THIS WILL FORMAT YOUR DRIVE! If you have more than one drive, remove them first.
  2. Once Chrome OS has installed, use a GRUB live CD or any other partition manager than can manage STATE partitions to partition the STATE partition into a partition type your other OS can read.
  3. Boot your OS installation media and when asked where to install your OS, pick the empty partition that you have just made.
  4. Install your OS.
  5. Once this has completed you will need to use GRUB again to set up a boot manager and select the Chrome OS BOOT partition and the Windows boot partition as your boot options.
  6. When your turn your computer on, you will then be given an option of what OS to boot!


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