Installing on multiple drive setup.

If you have more than one drive in your computer and are unable to remove them you will need to follow these instructions.

Boot into Chromium OS from the USB.

At the set up screen, enter a developer terminal by pressing

Ctrl + Alt + F2
Here you will be asked to log in. Use the follow credentials:
chronos for both Hexxeh and Arnold the Bat builds.
facepunch for hexxeh builds and password for bat builds.
You will then need to enter the following command.
sudo su
You will then be asked to confirm the password.

Now that you have super user rights you can now install to the required hard drive of your choice.

To find out what drive you need to install to, use the following command:
fdisk -l
This will list all the disks connected to your computer.

Find the hard drive you want, this may be hard and take some working out from the hard drive sizes.

Once you know what drive you wish to install to, look for its drive mapping. This will look something like /dev/sda.

Now you know your drive mapping you can run the command:
chromeos-install --"drive mapping"
I.e "chromeos-install --/dev/sda"

This will now install Chromium OS to your selected hard drive.

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