Auto-updates do not work on factory recovered Chrome OS installs and as such, to upgrade, other steps are required. This can be found on the UPGRADE CHROME OS page.

Auto-updates rely on a valid chrome number, which is also used by Google to verify the device for Google device offers, and as such, although viable, no instructions will be given in how to obtain a valid chrome number.

I take no responsibility for any loss of data or damage to hardware or software that was caused by following these instructions. 

I will not be held liable for anything by following these instructions.

By following these instructions you do so at your own risk, understanding that with all operating system installs there is the risk of damage.

By following these instructions you do so at the risk it may not be legal in your country of residence. I am not held liable by any legal issues from following these instructions.

By following this tutorial, you agree to the EULA for both Chromium OS and Chrome OS.

By following this tutorial, you agree not to use this, in any means, to find and/or use exploits within any system.

The scripts used in this tutorial is intellectual property and as such is protected by copyright in the following, but not limited to, places of residence; United Kingdom and the common wealth realms, United states of America, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Egypt, Australia, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, Italy.

By visiting this site, you agree not to make any money from my work regardless of situation, site used or content provided. Under no means are you to benefit financially from this work.

Sharing of the scripts used is strictly prohibited in the above mentioned countries regardless of proxy.

Modification of the scripts is allowed for personal use however the modified scripts are still intellectual property belonging to myself ,and as such is still protected by copyright laws. Distribution of any modified script is also strictly prohibited to protect the security and data of other users of this tutorial.

If you wish to use my script for projects you are planning or undertaking separate from the above tutorial, you agree to inform me of the work being undertaken and also any places where this information is available.

By following this tutorial you agree to website tracking which covers but isn't limited to; OS used, Browser used, Country of residence.

This tutorial is in no way affiliated with Google Inc.
Failure to adhere to the disclaimer will result in cease and desist orders and if further action is needed then you are liable for any damages.

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